Out of the Closet

out of the closet.png



~BAZAR~ Glam-Closet MALE Full Pack by Ria Bazar @ RFL H&G Expo 2016

~BAZAR~ Glam-Closet FEMALE Full Pack by Ria Bazar @ RFL H&G Expo 2016

~BAZAR~ Glam-Ottoman by Ria Bazar RFL H&G Expo 2016

David Heather Vigo Trenchcoat/Black by Gianni Broda @ Monsieur Chic

Modulus – Leo Hair – FatPack by Chucky Hollak @ GEN-Neutral

Egoisme Fur Coat Grey by Ramses Meredith

ISPACHI Mesh [Executive Chinos] Black by Diarmuid Miklos