Bite the dust

Bite the dust (1)


Ethan Blazer by F.A.T. @ Men Only Monthly

Vintage Stool 3 by THOR @ Cosmopolitan

Vintage Stool 5 by THOR Cosmopolitan

Vintage Car Magazine by THOR Cosmopolitan

Newspaper by THOR Cosmopolitan

Pen Holder Mug by THOR Cosmopolitan

Poe Tales Book by THOR Cosmopolitan

Bowl Sign by THOR Cosmopolitan

Magazine Holder by THOR Cosmopolitan

Metal Drawers by THOR Cosmopolitan

Carroll Tales Book by THOR Cosmopolitan

Home Improvement – scrap wood by Second Spaces @ Epiphany

Home Improvement – sawhorses by Second Spaces Epiphany

metal cabinet. by junk. @ Uber

M09RN-15AGA :: workbench by ANHELO

Time Card Shelf by 7

Broken Clock by 7

No Smoking by 7

Cigarette Machine A-09-100 by 7

coffee cup / custom RARE by floorplan.

Atelier Pendant Lamp by Apple Fall