Self-reliance is the the secret to consistent happiness.

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//Ascend// Josh Baseball Cap @ Hipster Mens Event

<Kalback> Casual Blazer M2 @ The Mens Dept

//Ascend// Mikel Jeans

:::ChicChica::: Chill # 1 RARE @ The Arcade March 2018

:::ChicChica::: Chill # 12 @ The Arcade March 2018

MudHoney Heidi Chair @ Sanarae

MudHoney Heidi Desk @ Sanarae

MudHoney Heidi Journals @ Sanarae

MudHoney Heidi Magazines @ Sanarae

MudHoney Heidi Pencil Cup @ Sanarae

MudHoney Heidi Storage @ Sanarae

MudHoney Heidi Trashcan @ Sanarae

MudHoney Carter Shelf

Fancy Decor: White/Gold Tape Dispenser

Fancy Decor: Books and Trinkets


The Loft – Napa Frame

AF Magazine Files

[Commoner] Carried Away / Magazines

-tres blah- Workspace – Gold Mason Jar of Roses

-tres blah- Workspace – Catch-All

-tres blah- Workspace – Computer

Peaches ‘N Cream – ‘Get yo’ Shit Together” Adorbs Planner