Caught in the chaos of life

  Credits: Interview Desk Set – Desk by BALACLAVA!! @ MadPea “The Interview” (Silver Prize) Interview Desk Set – Lamp by BALACLAVA!! @ MadPea “The Interview” (Silver Prize) Slide Projector Set – Cart by BALACLAVA!! @ MadPea “The Interview” (Gold Prize) Slide Projector… Continue reading

Taking a little walk

  Credits: F.A.T. Muraoka Jacket M @ TMD Hair by Damselfly

The Interview

This outfit is custom made for MadPea by GABRIEL and only available to players who purchase the gold game pass in The Interview which opens in April 1st. For more information, visit

Troubled by the fire

  Credits: Jude Hair by Modulus @ Sir Monthly Classic BF Varsity Jacket by ILLI @ Cosmopolitan  Gatekeepers’ Lodge by Apple Fall Period Fireplace by Apple Fall @ Shiny Shabby Bluebell Painted Closet by Apple Fall @ Shiny Shabby Antique Coffee… Continue reading

Oh, little birds

Credits: Wire Chair by Fancy Decor Period Coffee Table by Apple Fall Get Shit Done by Fancy Decor record sleeve by floorplan. Magazine stack by Fancy Decor Little Birdcage (Traditional) by Stockholm&Lima Little… Continue reading

Endless Weeknd

Credits: Bjorn Hair by Modulus @ Lost & Found M4 Bomber Jacket by Bad Unicorn @ Kustom 9 Penny Board Backpack by Bad Unicorn @ Chapter 4 Training Pants by Newclover @ Cosmopolitan  

I’ll never forget you

  Credits: Cooper’s Armchair by  Consignment [Hue] Swedish Console PInk by Ariskea @ LTD Event [Hue] Frames Woodplank by Ariskea @ LTD Event [Hue] Rug by Ariskea @ LTD Event [Hue] Spiral Arts by Ariskea @ LTD Event [Hue] Wanabe Aloe by Ariskea @ LTD Event [Hue] Ceilling Bulb… Continue reading


  Credits: Stardust Cottage by Scarlet Creative Plank You  Bed – RARE by !Six o’clock! @ Cosmopolitan Plank You Pearls by !Six o’clock! @ Cosmopolitan Plank You Side Table by !Six o’clock! @ Cosmopolitan Threadbare Leather Sofa by ChiMia @ Cosmopolitan Jennifer Armchair by ChiMia @ Cosmopolitan Classic… Continue reading

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.

  Credits: Slumber Dock Brown by Di’Cor @ Cosmopolitan Rustic Folk Stage by Fiasco @ Cosmopolitan Survival Lookout by Fiasco @ We ❤ Roleplay Stepside Pick-Up by Consignment @ The Arcade New Beginnings – Hen Set by 8f8 @ The… Continue reading

Hold me close, sway me more.

  Credits: Di’Cor Lover’s Hammock by Olga012 @ Fameshed Skye Twisted Tree by Alex Bader