Caught in the chaos of life

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Interview Desk Set – Desk by BALACLAVA!! @ MadPea “The Interview” (Silver Prize)

Interview Desk Set – Lamp by BALACLAVA!! MadPea “The Interview” (Silver Prize)

Slide Projector Set – Cart by BALACLAVA!! MadPea “The Interview” (Gold Prize)

Slide Projector Set – Projector by BALACLAVA!! @ MadPea “The Interview” (Gold Prize)

Curious Botany by JIAN @ MadPea “The Interview” (Silver Prize)

Hand of Glory by *HEXtraordinary* @ MadPea “The Interview” (Gold Prize)

Mysterious Keys Shadowbox by *HEXtraordinary* MadPea “The Interview” (Silver Prize)

Mechanical Toy // Cymbal Monkey by NOMAD @ MadPea “The Interview” (Gold Prize)

Mechanical Toy // Drummer Clownby NOMAD @ MadPea “The Interview” (Silver Prize)

Mechanical Toy // Maracas Clown by NOMAD @ MadPea “The Interview” (Silver Prize)

Wall decor [Insect Specimen +Dish] by Soy. @ MadPea “The Interview” (Silver Prize)

Cozy Piece Chair Dark by [zerkalo] @ Project Se7en

Spatial Lamp Black by Di’Cor @ Cosmopolitan

Wire Chair by Fancy Decor Shiny Shabby

Magazine Stack by Fancy Decor Shiny Shabby

record sleeve by floorplan. @ N21

Clasp Boxes by Fancy Decor Shiny Shabby

Bicolore Vase – Black by Kalopsia

Beginning of the Day – Newspapers by [zerkalo]

file cabinet + fan by xin + toro

hacking station by xin + toro

Dollhouse Attic Boxes by PILOT

Bluebell Painted Closet by Apple Fall

Canvas Tote by Apple Fall

Plan Chest by Apple Fall

Reading Pile by Apple Fall

Persian rug by Dutchie

8mm open cases by Second Spaces

Workspace – Catch-All by Tres Blah

jack’s manuscript by floorplan.

pride & prejudice manuscript by floorplan.

coffee cup / custom RARE by floorplan.

Workspace – Pencil Holder  by Tres Blah

Homework by PILOT

Storage Basket by PILOT

Stockholm typewriter by Bazar

Binge Watcher’s Survival Kit / Energy Drinks by [Commoner]

Time card shelf by 7

Broken clock by 7

postcard stand by vespertine

La Petite Joie Cafe – Cigarettes SECRET by 8f8

Storyteller’s Burrow – Whisky Set by 8f8